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Hey !

Welcome there and thanks for being interested in y work.

My name is John-henry Canault, french photographer located in Aix-en-Provence, south east of France.

My photography is quite heterogeneous but my favorite field stands in the minimalism. Originally approached as a simple artistic exercise, this artistic style proved to be a real opportunity for me to develop my atypical vision of everyday life. My work is characterized mainly by the search for original points of view, by a particular attention paid to the composition and thought by colorimetry. Each of my photographs reveals just enough to let the viewer's imagination take care of the rest.

"It is quite possible to find the exceptional in every aspect of everyday life. It's just a matter of feelings and emotions. The city is in this sense an unlimited plaground. I love to reinvent it and photography is for me an original way to make its inhabitants rediscover their cities. "


I am am available for freelance work. 


Limited and signed edition prints of my images are available. Please contact me for more inquiries or any details.






All the pictures of this site are  copyrighted by john-henry Canault